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Game News

Exodus is a new Australian-based raiding guild which plans to take on end game content with a schedule that doesnt involve us spending our entire week in front of the computer.


We believe this can be achieved via organisation, teamwork, and dedication, not by the amount of hours spent raiding per week.


Our raids are to be run in a serious and organised fashion, with the intended outcome of clearing zones fast.


Prior experience is not required to apply. Suitability will be assessed after an interview with leadership. Raids are scheduled for Sun 8-12pm, Monday 8:30-11:30pm, and Tues 8:30-11:30pm, with a future consideration of adding Thursday 8-11pm into the timetable.


Expressions of interest from any class will be responded to ASAP.

Guild News

Meet Vaclaz, our bitch

Crocodile24, Nov 9, 10 7:43 AM.
Vaclaz went down screaming tonight  . . .  at least I think that was him screaming.

Anyway, apart from several raider unable to resist their urge to see whats at over the edge (no names will be mentioned) a well executed fight resulted in Exodus finding out whether Vaclaz was indeed made of cake as Gnos suggested.

Great kill team, and yum!!

This Just In . . . . EXODUS OWNS

Crocodile24, Oct 31, 10 12:18 AM.
3 contested in 3 days . . amazingness!!

If I would cry tears of gratitude had my rogue parents not beaten all joy out of me as a young brigand /sniff.

Last to fall was the Big Ox herself (no bollocks were spotted during this fight) and more progression for us.

Strat was executed flawlessly and noone else even had a chance to mutter 'phaarck its the Exodians again!'

Well done team

Contested ... we got some stinking contested!

wiska, Oct 29, 10 6:08 PM.
Logging in to a face full of Klaaktus scared me enough I nearly backpedalled off the ledge he sits on.....

But without any further ado .. a quickly thrown together force went to pull him down. After some initial teething problems, (How do we spawn this guy anyways?), we managed to provoke him by poking him with a pointed stick, and it was on! (Goddamnit Klaaktuus, hush!! no need to tell the entire zone what we are doing). Not the result we were looking for though, Klaaktuus 1 - Exodus 0.

Quick regroup, a hasty strategy session and away we went again with Nexus breathing down our necks now... (breath mint could be an idea for some of them!) .. and this time no mistakes were made and Exodus had the last laugh.

Klaaktuus was toast and Exodus put another notch in the belt.

Moar Kills Om Nom

Crocodile24, Oct 28, 10 8:24 AM.
What does one do on an off raid night but log in and kill a gimp contested. Cop that Cogglius!

Yes he's gimp but who cares . . . now he's dead and gimp.

Exodus's blowtorch was recently applied to Vrewwx icy buttocks which to many peoples amazement yielded a few mage robes - well done you crazy finger-wigglers. And remember they're not dresses they're robes (even if they do come in cerise).

Who's hungry? Coming right up on the menu my famished fellow raiders will it be Vaclaz steaks?

Stay tuned for next weeks thrilling installment . . .



cainite 76, Oct 14, 10 8:04 AM.
Into the Underfoot depths rode the legion of Exodus, dispatching not one but three encounters of named foes in their first encounter in the raid zone....Ritualist Squilak, Master Syfak, Aaskas, Maakat & Uthgar all lay dead, Slain by EXODUS........

To Be Continued...

Another great progression night for Exodus!

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